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Bitchy Wenchy Fandom Oldbie
inhabiting the Harry Potter fandom since April 1999

I found this in Moorpark, California.

Hope no one gets spoiled! Happy times!

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For all intents and purposes, this journal is closed and the majority of posts locked.

I used to keep this journal up with my website, but I've left both to decay. It's sad, but I'm unable to care for either in the way I would like. My actions to leave were fueled partially by the unnecessary, and unceasing, politics and drama of the Harry Potter fandom; however, I needed to take myself away from the realm of computers and be with the people who mean the most to me.

Furthermore I'm older now and the person who wrote this journal is not the same person anymore. I read my old entries and think, "Wow, I don't like this person very much" or "Wow, she's immature," and then I realize that it's me. Was me, anyway.

I switched journals at the beginning of my college career in 2004 to be able to explore myself without feeling as if I had to tailor my thoughts to the people reading this journal ("friend" list-wise or no). I also figured no one really cared that much anyway, as it's just a fandom full of strangers.

This isn't so much a farewell as it is just a redundant post. For those who did care, you know I abandonded livejournal and my website. You may even know where I've gone. It's all a bit meaningless now, since I barely post.

I like hearing from old friends and you're welcome to send me E-mails, but for the most part I am done with this journal.
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mctabby was kind enough to point out this blatant piece of plagiarism of my fan fic, "The Love That Shattered a Man" (from 1999), on her journal to help remind everyone that plagiarism is BAD (tm).

All hail mctabby.

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Does anyone know where I can buy, either physically in a store or on-line, a quality Ravenclaw scarf? I'm going to dress up as Luna Lovegood for Halloween and the movie premiere. :D I'm also looking for a pleated skirt . . .

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I'll comment more lengthily when I've stopped reeling from it at a later time. I promise, no spoilers here, just vague stuff.

I decided not to speed read it, because I did that for both Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix, and I didn't read either again for over a year. I made that choice because I didn't want to feel the pressure to read it first - and, hah, fat chance of that for living in California, one of the last time zones to receive the book. I'm glad I made that choice to read Half-Blood Prince with that in mind.

It's good, really good, until probably the last chapter, but god, I've just spent the last 16 hours reading, interspersed with several hours of sleep, and . . . it's just that good.

I'm disappointed that the spoiler I saw was correct, and that guy should burn in hell for being an asshole; however, it didn't do much to affect me, because I kept forgetting I'd seen that rumor and it made sense when it happened. I see what happened as a sign of something much larger, which as I said, to anyone who cares, I'll discuss later. I'm amused to reflect that I was sure I knew who the Half-Blood Prince was as I got into the book and was duly thwarted by my own thoughts and plot occurences, which thereafter I was kicked in the butt and turned out to be right in the first place. I'm also disappointed in certain characters' actions and certain characters' pairings (which seemed, at best, half-assed and not fleshed out), but again I'll talk about that later.

Oh, JKR, a mixture of love and frustration goes out to you, but thank you.

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So . . . is anyone excited about Half-Blood Prince?

Do tell. :D

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OMG, pretty!!

Links to British covers:

I am STOKED about these covers!

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Rec me some fics?

College has kept me from reading fanfics or keeping up with trends. I NEED some reading!

Any rating, any pairing (though anything with animals is a bit squicky...), anything, as long as you think it's good. Give me a brief summary and why you like it.

If you do this, you'll get a cookie. A BIG cookie.

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Please, to my non-American friends, stop bashing our country.

Our system is strong and powerful. It can screw the minority sometimes, but overall it works and is highly accomplished. I wish you'd stop saying so high and mightily, "I'm glad I'm not American!" or something of the sort.

Please, to my American friends, stop saying you're going to leave the country. Stop saying you give up, or that your voice didn't matter.

I have said flippantly too that our American system of government is skewed and that I want to move somewhere else, but I stress the flippantly part. Leaving the country won't solve anything. Giving up won't help either.

Liberals and progressives suffered an enormous loss today, and it hurts. Bush stands to take our society and mold it into a regressive, isolationist state, and damn it if he's not going to try to do that as soon as he can. But what you must realize is that to say you give up means nothing will ever be solved. We have to fight. We have to keep fighting to get rid of this conservative, fear-driven, anti-progressive, anti-civil rights campaign that is sweeping the country like mad.

To fight means staying here and staying active. Don't give up. Giving up on democracy, the Democratic party, liberalism, or activism is far worse than Bush being re-elected.

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Tell me why you voted for Kerry or for Bush.

For me, when it came right down for it, I felt Kerry would protect my civil and personal rights, and help America internationally and domestically. Bush won't do that. Ever.

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